Powerful Daily Prayers – Rock of My Salvation

Romans 9:25-33

Dear Father, ruler of the ages,

You have called we who were “not your people” to be “your people,” we who were “not your beloved” to be “your beloved.” How gracious you have been to us (to me!) that we (that I!) should be called “sons of the living God”! Thank you, loving Father! I am overjoyed!

Why did your ancient people fail to attain your righteousness? Because they sought it based on their works of merit under the law. But, praise you, LORD, you have given righteousness through faith.

You have laid in Zion a stone that makes men stumble, a rock that makes them fall. Your Messiah, Jesus, is that stone, that rock. But I believe in him, trust in him, and will never be ashamed of him.

In the blessed name of Jesus, the rock of my salvation, I pray. Amen.

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